We currently have 13 employees.


Green Supply primarily caters to the multifamily, residential housing, and light commercial market. Our territory is primarily the DFW metroplex and North Texas.
We have supplied several high rise apartments in Dallas and Fort Worth such as Granite Towers, District at Greenville, Gables at Villa Rosa, The Cirque, Acoma High Rise, West End Station, The Stayton, City Walk at Akard, 2100 Fitzhugh, and a 720 unit barracks in at Fort Bliss in El Paso, just to name a few.
Our business is off approximately 30% with our current economic situation and we recently had to cut back on employees. I am looking for the multifamily market to pick up in the first quarter of 2011. With so many foreclosures in the housing market, multifamily always starts the rebound in our business. We are seeing numerous jobs starting to bid again. Some of the jobs we had previously quoted in 2008. I am very optimistic about 2011.
We are members of the OMNI buying group which consists of over 250 members nationwide and over $1 billion dollars in purchases in 2008. This gives us the capability of competing with the larger, multi branch chains. It also gives us almost unlimited distribution for many products. We have several OMNI members we can call on for job quotes for materials that we do not keep in stock.
My grandfather started Universal Supply in 1964 and sold out to Ferguson in 1981. At the time of the sale, we had 120 employees and 7 branches. Universal Supply was Fergusonfs first acquisition in Texas.
Green Supply takes prides in our ability to provide service to our customers that many of the larger chains canft supply. We try to maintain a 3 hour delivery from the time the order is placed under normal circumstances. Many of our larger competitors canft give same day service. With our extensive inventory for the contractors we supply, this makes it much easier for our customers to decide who to buy from. It is not always a bout price. 
Our warehouse has 14,000 square feet with a 25f tall ceiling. We have 1.5 acres with a sizable pipe yard. We also have added to the rear of our warehouse for added storage for job materials.


Customer Appreciation

We like to reward our customers with a dove hunt yearly. We will take approximately 70 customers and a few vendors on an annual hunt. Everyone enjoys this and looks forward to the solidarity and fellowship this brings between our customers and employees. We also like to buy our employees lunch every day of the week. We started this program a few years ago. It keeps everyone here during lunch to help answering phones and waiting on the counter during the lunch grushh hour.
My father, Jim, is partially retired. He has a ranch in Alpine, Texas and raises cutting horses. He is very involved the various cutting horse associations and is president of the Muenster Quarter Horse Association. He also had a four year old win the American Paint Horse World Show last year in Fort Worth. He is quite proud. He still comes in and stirs things up around here every couple of weeks. (ha-ha) He wants everyone to know he is still involved!
Mike Dophied is our controller and Operations Manager. He is my right hand man. I lean on him a great deal. He keeps up with our receivables, daily operations, and of course, our payables. He keeps me reined in lets me know daily that I spend too much money. (I try listen to him most of the time.)
Sam Hay has been with us 25 years. He was our first employee. I have recently turned over the quotations department to Sam. He is doing an excellent job getting the bids to our customers on a short turnaround which also compliments our service.
James Jackson has also been with us 25 years. I will put him up against any warehouse manager in the industry at getting orders out the door. He is another great asset to our company.
Randell Paris and James Franci are 2 new additions to Green Supply with many years experience between them in their respected roles.
I personally like to be involved with all phases of our company. I am a very ghands onh type person. I personally look at every work order that we ship every day. This keeps me in touch with our service levels and our inventory, to make sure we keep our customers serviced to the maximum of our capacity. I also call on customers from time to time to make sure everyone is content and clear of any problems.
Like I mentioned earlier, I am very optimistic about 2011. We will not see numbers like we did in 2005 and 2006, and I do not look to gain back all that has been lost the past 2 years. It will be a slower process, but I do believe it will be back.